Changes, Brooklyn

The idea struck me this morning, as ideas often do, late and previously formed yet remaining unstriking until the need makes taste on my brainy tongue, that it would be good to take what people say at face value. Mercilessly. No reading into anything. No filling in the gaps. It then struck me as a sure descent into Ayn Rand territory, an unsympathetic, anti-empathetic, wholly dogmatic and ridiculously unpleasant place to be. It also struck me as something one cannot simply decide to do. If one is not predisposed to such cut and dry communication, one would simply fall prey to pretension of the worst sort. Mean pretension. I have a friend who is actually naturally this way. His is not a hearty, flowering sense of humor but he is far from mean and being around him is like a breath of fresh air.

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Handy said...

There is nothing more obscene than taking things literally. To do so is the closest we can come to a rebellion against signification itself.