Makeover, Brooklyn

There is an old trick to getting ahead in the British Foreign Service. It entails sitting back and smoking a pipe during meetings. Just as a discussion on a given topic starts to come to a close, speak up and reiterate all that has been said, summarizing the arguments then putting forth what seems to be the consensus observation as one's own. Apparently really does wonders for general esteem. The pertinent question is whether a bubble pipe would suffice.

Previous makeover here.


Handy said...

Bubble pipe is even better. but, what might be better still is one of those bird whistles that you fill up with water and it makes a warble.

by the way, did you see my blog post featuring your photo? Great shot, toddy. Thanks for giving it up.

kelvin freely said...

I think a Holmes pipe of the most obvious tradition is what you need here. But you should be able to take an umbrella behind your back to tip your hat "magically" to the sexy secretary.

I'd like to see the full makeover in the next week or so. If we're even allowed to make requests. Or should I say, commission.