Seep, New York

The current level of fear in this city is far more palpable than it was even after September Eleventh. The threat of imminent existential demise brings about a veneer of toughness, a false bravado in which New Yorkers excel. The insidious, gnawing fear released into the metropolitan blood stream since the financial troubles has had a far more debilitating effect. It's easy to puff up our chests when our bellies are full.


kelvin freely said...

Is that right? Fear coursing through the streets? I believe you but I'd almost forgotten that the world was so heavy right now.

We've been in the heart of a high pressure system and the light of Southeast Alaska is unbelievable -- you walk around drunk on the smell of cottonwood and bog orchid. There are bears on the shore eating barnacles. And the whales just arrived from Hawaii. Then you tell me the world is extra afraid and I remember that we're in the midst of terrible times. oh yeah. Crap.

Anonymous said...

Or rather, it is difficult to puff up our chests when our bellies are empty.

Amos said...

are you trying to say fear is a sunken manhole waiting to implode?