Double Decker Tourism, New York

I love observation. I love observing. I love observations. With this in mind, I direct you to this small crumble cake of observatory savantism.


Anonymous said...

United States just polished off Spain the South Africa. Incredible.

BigDan said...

So I'm sitting in a bar watching the game yesterday and with about 3 minutes left a guy sidles up to me, looks at the screen, and says "yeah, I thought the US would do well in this game." Totally non-plussed. I started laughing incredulously and said "they're about to beat the best soccer team in the world 2-0." He totally didn't get it. then my brother called me and said, "you know last week when we were talking about the US soccer team and I said they sucked and you said they didn't. I just called to tell you I was wrong." Incredible. All of it.