South Third Basketball, Brooklyn

I tried out for Eastside Catholic's J.V. basketball team my sophomore year of high school. My freshman year I wrestled. I was a far better wrestler than a basketball player at the time. I couldn't hit a lay up to save my life. My outside shooting was poor. Any understanding of the basic layout of a basketball play was non-existent. I had only played a couple years of Boys & Girls Club basketball in elementary school and it showed. I got cut. I tried going back to wrestling, but my heart wasn't in it. I never seriously tried out for an organized sport again. A couple summers ago, Irvin went to Kenya to work for Film Aid, an organization that helps local peoples make public service announcement films about pertinent issues. He worked in what amounted to a refugee camp for a couple months, teaching the kids how to film, edit and then project their films about sexual abuse and hygeine at weekly outdoor rallies. When he came back he gave me a photo of a Kenyan basketball hoop.


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