Simple, Williamsburg

I pass by this photo in the window of a local cafe a handful of times each week. Every time it catches my eye. Photography is quickly dying, or has died, really, in the context in which this image sits. That's not to say a new context hasn't taken its place. Or that photography is dead altogether. I am attached to the subtleties of observation in great photographs. I am certain that great photos can be achieved regularly with constant practice. It is also certain that great photos can be achieved regularly by chance. I suppose it just matters if the people are willing to buy your story. The current iteration of this blog is based completely on daily iPhone pictures. It is a practice in observation and thought process. It does not matter if it has a prominent place in any continuum, but it would be nice if, somehow, it did. That somehow someone would take notice and say "Hey, there is something interesting!" And there it is, the desire of every blogger. Not as Amos would have it, comments, although these might be a fleetingly gratuitous symptom, instead it is the artist's hope, the 21st century digital hope, the You Tube hope that someone will notice and think you are some kind of crazy genius, offer you a high paying job to be yourself. That is both a crack up and a very sad realization. I'll go with crack up. Why not?



Anonymous said...

Or someone just wanting to get a word in edgewise. Or just strike up a conversation.

soapy t said...


Amos said...

I'd like to see you self-publish a book of posts by Williamsburg bloggers and sell it at the verb. These days, you can't wait to be discovered. Thats so mid 20th century. You have to discover yourself yourself first, then show people and promote the yourself you discovered to everyone.