Little Habana, Manhattan

I used to work in Midtown. I worked there for three years. 53rd and Lex. I was sitting on a couch next to Joe Namath when the second Tower got hit by the second plane. He was recording a voice over for Ben Gay or something like that. I worked in Midtown, I'd take the subway to Midtown, I'd take the subway back from Midtown. For three years and one Joe Namath experience. When the Towers fell, we walked down by the water to the Williamsburg Bridge. Marina, Kevin, Tim and I. We walked past the United Nations building. I work Downtown now. I have worked Downtown for five years or so. I hated working in Midtown. It is important to like where you work.

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kelvin freely said...

Downtown is way better but it is so unsafe.

Also, the spot was Tinactin, as in Tough Actin' Tinactin.