Jesus of Elizabeth Street

There's that idea that I have my conception of you and I have my conception of me, while you have your conception of you and you have your conception of me, and I have the image of me I want to project, while you have the image of yourself you want to project, and there's this me you think I want to be, and there's this you I think you want to be, and all the expectations of what we want each other to be besides how we conceive the actualities. And all this stuff floats around between us and these are the entities that are talking to each other. A communication based on a whole lot, and nothing at all.

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Handy said...

You forgot about the me I'm projecting which I think you perceive, which is not necessarily the me I was trying to project. Next time, DON'T FORGET!

Of course, this is all rather Lacanian and I will defer to the master hisself.