Flat Tire Boogie Woogie, Williamsburg

Danny and I went to the Korean spa the other day. Like some sort of Disneybanya, it rises out of the wasteland of Flushing, Queens, a beacon of steamy bath house hope for kim chee-eating soakers everywhere. I enjoy going to steam baths. It is one activity that I know will produce a feeling of accomplishment. An incredibly productive pastime. Danny and I, after our four hour soak and scrub and steam, sat in the cafe and watched the swimmers on the roof below, our bodies feeling a bit like the noodles in our soup. Just behind Danny, the next table over, two Korean women had ordered some little Han Bando pu pus for themselves. In the middle of one of Danny's soaring soliloquies, the lady whose back faced Danny lifted a hard boiled egg high in her left hand and cracked it against her forehead to break the shell.

More on Spa Castle here.


kelvin freely said...

happy earth day okoh

Anonymous said...

Happy Earth Day back.

kelvin freely said...

Todd what's wrong. you haven't missed a blog date in months. are you okay????