The Dredge & The Snail, Oceanside Carlsbad California

Things go well enough if you let them. The problem with a family event is that everyone takes all these pictures. Suddenly I am confronted with multiple images of myself that I'd rather not see. What a terrible thing. I'd rather not see myself at all. I wonder if there is a correlation between contentment and how often one has to visually observe oneself. I can only imagine people might be better off if they never saw themselves, could just keep going imagining how they look by how they feel, not the other way around. It sounds a little goofy maybe, but damn if it doesn't strike me.


kelvin freely said...

Although Caliban was a monster with sexual assault charges on his record, he was really alright until he saw his own reflection. Todd, you take a day to gather yourself and come out wlike Shakespeare. It's pretty cool.

And I really like your wildlife photo here.

curran said...

one of my beefs with family gatherings is all the photos

we take the same picture every x-mas of our family at the dinner table -
it is like taking a photo of a statue

soapy t said...

EWWWWWW slug juice

BigDan said...

One of the things I love about my family is that very few people have any interest at all in taking photos of one another. If it happens, I do it, and I send photos to everyone and they never get put on the walls. Where do all these digital photos go now? No more random household drawers and boxes full of slides, negatives and prints waiting to be discovered by later generations and pondered over. I loved that drawer.
I once had a geology professor who had spent an entire summer in the woods alone without speaking to anyone or seeing his reflection. I'm currently very envious of him.