Courtesy, MLusk of Weather Records
Were this another memory, I might have been "knocked over" or "bowled over" or "bundled nicely."  But this memory has more to do with the agility of a swiftly moving mugger than the the clumsiness of one. And as he rounded the corner at top speed, nearly placing a lowly centered shoulder into my chest, all I could think was what a good athlete this kid is, that was some fancy footwork! In fact, the kid was a good athlete.  Good enough to get something off some poor lady, good enough to get away from some portly, huffing fellow.  Good enough to make wonder rather than react.  And as that harried woman came flapping around the corner with the tub of chicken wings and sweat bouncing soon after, only then did I realize something amiss.  Cuz damn, was that kid going fast!

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