Courtesy of MLusk, Weather Records
The reason I live in New york will never be the natural beauty of the place.  Yes, tonight the clear silvery light glancing off every man-made edifice hedging the sides of the East River made the city look like a perfectly rendered animation while the lone tug guiding the barge through glassy etherous water recalled something approaching spectacular, but that is the wonder of mankind's ingenuity, not the raw natural beauty of life.  Beauty, both, but somehow different to my soul.  In fact it is just that, that seemingly ex nihilo clash of creativity that keeps someone like me here.  New York offers an ego crushing series of interactions that only a cramped warren of streets and buildings filled with writhing, motivated masses can offer.  It is the opportunity to innovate on a personal level in this particular way that I crave at this moment in my life.  There are other ways to be made felt small.  But for now, this is the way for me.

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