Courtesy of MLusk, Weather Records
The question is always about value outside the system.  To be successful inside the system, one must bring a value from outside the system in such a way that one's existence inside the system is then perceived through the lens of perceived value held outside the system.  Of course, one can become valuable inside the system by being useful to the system, by learning the system so well, being so steeped in the knowledge of the system that application within the system is at the highest efficiency.  Yes, this is one way to be functional inside the system.  But to be successful inside the system, in the way we perceive success, one must pull value from outside the system.  One can be primed for success for any number of reasons, but really, only one:  the fortunate appearance as culmination.  To be seen as this apotheosis however limited, for whatever length of time, even to a small number outside the system, can sufficiently guarantee success within the system.  By the same token, one who knows why a light bulb works and can explain it to you but cannot actually recreate a light bulb by using the methods explained, doesn't know shit.  And even so, if said person could explain to you why the light bulb works because they read it in a book or someone explained it to them, and they actually could manufacture a light bulb using those principles, they still doesn't know shit.

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