Courtesy of BLentini, Similar to MLusk of Weather Records
My wife has a sly way of arguing.  Some kind of gas-lighting technique that sews me up every time.  It goes like this, I mean, a typical conversation might sound like this:  "You never take care of our child. I do all the work around here."  "What  No way! I take care of him as much as you do.  I make his lunch, take him to school and rush home every night to put him to read him a story and play.  And I hang out with him all day Saturday while you're working and half Sunday when you go take exercise class."  "Oh, well, I'm sorry he's such a burden on you." If I call her on this, and she isn't really, really mad, she gets kind of a sly smile.
My son sometimes plays a joke on me.  It goes like this: "Papa."  "Yes."  "Papa, can I have some hmfrabrhmmm?" "What?" "Some hmfrubrbbrhmmm."  I look at him with my lip tuned slightly up.  He gets a kind of sly smile and looks away.

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