Courtesy of MLusk, Weather Records
I went to a wedding reception last night near the Gowanus Canal where the father of the bride led everyone in a traditional Japanese Bonzai toast then pulled out a ukulele to lead a classical quartet accompanied by a country guitarist and a female vocalist in a beautiful and baroque rendition of the Hawaiian Wedding Song.  A moment later a Julliard-trained Irish fiddler stomped through a gently rendered medley that brought half the room to tears while later on Mark Morris himself got up and lead a spirited square dance. My son had the time of his life wolfing down pieces of cake and fizzy cranberry juice, my wife had an equally good time sashaying down the line to the sounds coming out of the trio of jug-band musicians huddled around the upright piano.  Ah, New York.


kelvin freely said...

fun times. who got married?

Toddy said...