Courtesy of MLusk, Weather Records
Reading is fun.  Reading, for me, is extra fun because the sort of books I read are most often written by people far smarter than I.  That they are far smarter than I is one of those "facts" that are as close to "facts" as one can hope to come.  Or, perhaps, they are simply more disciplined than I.  I know they are more disciplined because they've written a book and that takes quite a fair amount of discipline as far as I've ever heard.  Besides, I am terribly undisciplined, more undisciplined I think than many, most even. So by default they are probably more disciplined.  I heard, or more likely, read, once, that one's brain functions a touch smarter on an empty stomach.  Something about the need for food, hunger, inspires a brain to work with that much more economic zeal. Something about actually capturing the food, I'm sure.  Or harvesting it efficiently, as the case may be. I often think about this fact at work, right before lunch time, right when I am getting really productive.  I am usually disappointed in myself, as I bite into my sandwich, and even more so later, an hour after lunch, say, that I didn't listen to this memory more closely.

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