Courtesy of MLusk of Weather Records

Ok Oh and Mobile Grooming, Part B

I use the Black Diamond, I like it alot, but they say they say you can drive a truck over the Petzl and it won't break, so... these ones over here have a notch for a ponytail, but we're sold out, I mean, that's the last one, the display one, they're for women though.


BigDan said...

well, you have a ponytail, like a woman, so get the head lamp for women. Does your chauvanistic side think it will be less bright?

Anonymous said...

What you've failed to see, Big Dan, what you've been ignorant enough to not observe, and if by ignorant I mean not present, which in itself, even in unintentional physical form, is the height of ignorance, is that I have a mustache.