Courtesy of MLusk from Weather Records

Ok Oh and Mobile Grooming

I hardly have time to register his presence, rampantly moist in a pink and black untucked floral print shirt, drenched, stringy black hair, wire rimmed glasses.  I am listening to the classical guitarist on the south bound platform.
""You're not Chuck are you?"  Urgency with a smile, like it just has to be some joke.  I mean, Chuck, here? Couldn't be.
"What?"  I like him for some reason, he's smiling like there's some joke he's fallen into.
"Are you a Chuck?" All smiles, remember, all smiles here lad, this guy might think you're a nutter.
I shake my head, draw back probably around four inches.
"How'd you get your hair up there like that?" Point at your own head, take your pony tail out, that's right, let him know you only want the secret.  Pull it back, nice and slow... boy am I sweaty.
"No not like that, from the front."  I lightly touch my forehead.  I don't know what else to do.
"Oh! Thanks!" Thanks god the train is here... better wait for the next one.

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defintely nanook