Rainy Summer Way Home, Brooklyn

The babysitter came in and took over. Not that she is a professional babysitter, but it does pay to have a wifey with something she can barter service favors for with clients. We drank beer and wine and ate salad and saw friends and talked to people we'd never met. We held forth from our newly minted usual Tuesday perch. And so Tuesdays are becoming a good night to leave the boy with someone trusted. Bluefish salad with limey cale. Bits of crusty toast with some sort of fruity compote and goatie cheese. Porkslap and Cava Cava. Hellos and mended feelings and good tips. Brooklyn, for all these things, is a great place.


Chodearm said...

We should get a drink onea these days in Briooklyn if there is a Tuesday boozing.

Handy said...

yeah, word. I want some Tuesday Stewart/Trejo action too!

You blew it, Toddy. There goes your tranquil tuesday!

Anonymous said...

You guys, you guys leave our date night alone!
Unless you you want to buy us a drink, then by all means, can't wait to see you!