Minding Yetzer Hara, Brooklyn

Call me a snoop, or a lech, or improprietous, but I rarely get to see, first hand, through the hustling gauze that is the Hasidic mind-set. I am surrounded by them, and yet they are impervious to attempts at conclusions. And so, a moment presents itself to me. A Hasid reading a book not in Hebrew, a book where I can just make out the headings.

Ego as Eccentricity
Filling Yourself with Good
Battle Plans


Handy said...

careful, my gentile friend. this man is making plans, and they include you!

BigDan said...

It's all about conquest Danny

Anonymous said...

I found the book online. It's more of a, um, self-help book.
Which is interesting for a whole other set of reasons.
But yeah, world domination. Unless he's Satmar, in which case he doesn't believe in that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

World domination, that is.
Human instigated anyhow...