Kenmare & Mott, Manhattan

Toby Meagher was a mean kid. One time during recess I called Toby Meagher a "white ass." I didn't know what it meant. I still don't know. But when someone told him about it he wanted to fight. He tried to kick me but I grabbed his foot and pushed him into a wooden pole. I walked away. A few years later he tried to fight me again in the 8th grade locker bay. He tried to hit me but I blocked it. He tackled me into a garbage can and I laughed and held him there until a teacher came. A few years after that Toby Meagher showed up at the Catholic high school I was going to. He showed up with his gang member friend looking for W.T. Wright. Toby spotted me and asked me where W.T. was. I shrugged my shoulders, hoping Toby had forgotten all our fights. His gang-banger friend had a reputiation. He found W.T. but was chased off by some seniors. Sometimes I wish I had beaten Toby up the first two chances. It would have been easy and I would have had some lasting satisfaction for it. I think at the time I just felt bad. He was such a small guy.


Jamie Watson said...

Oooo that's a good story and a mean & good ending. I love childhood nemesis stories. They are so strong in each person's minds and memories. We all have them!

BigDan said...

Toddy, there's a great part in the new Tyson documentary where he talks about street fights vs. ring fights. How in street fights in Brooklyn when he was growing up in Brownsville, street fights would often end in death because people wanted to make sure the person they were beating on didn't come back at them later with a knife or a gun. Then there's the part where Mike makes you cry like a baby as he talks about his dead trainer, Cus D'amato.