2 Gloves 2 Weeks, Brooklyn

It is a time of deep disquiet. The world is restless, restive. My son is learning how to move. His body frequently obeys his commands. His commands are more frequent and varied. When there is a siren he runs to the window to look for the firetruck, announcing the sighting, if he sees it. He is also figuring out the qualities of the Doppler effect. He knows when he is too late to catch a glimpse. I am not sleeping well. I hear him sleeping at night. His breath is loud sometimes. Sometimes he wakes up and gives out a cry of discomfort. He quiets down quickly. Pam is a big believer in the healing qualities of different colored lights. That is something I'd like to learn more about.

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kelvin freely said...

I live next to a world class bulb store that sold me, most recently, a Finnish bulb that emits pale purple light that is supposed to go easy on the eyes and increase your vitality.