Red Robinson passed on Sunday evening, surrounded by family and friends at his home in Carlsbad, California on the eve of his and Grannie's 70th wedding anniversary.  Papa generated more than a few namesakes, my son among them. The "Red Dog" helped incorporate Carlsbad in the 1950s, planning and building out much of the town's infrastructure. His strength of character, intelligence and generosity marked all the best things that North County has to offer. A pillar on the beach, Papa's enthusiasm for volleyball led to the creation of the Ocean Street Volleyball Association and countless games played just for the fun of it.  Papa was a man of a thousand stories, each more enthralling than the next.  From his daredevil flights transporting plumbing supplies to the inlands; from his time on the gridiron pairing in the backfield with Jackie Robinson; from his association with the most interesting time in California politics; Papa's most telling stories remain the ones he's left behind: his children, his grand children and his great grand children. A party is set for Saturday afternoon in his name. And a paddle-out to spread the ashes in memory of his birthday is set for July.

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