There are a number of things one might list as having learned recently should one try hard enough.  One could, with some mental argle bargle, peruse the backlog of uncollated nearby memories to parse some novel declaration of personal pedagogy.  And I've endeavored to do just this.  Just now.
1. For absolute safety, keep the bicycle in the highest gear possible, no matter how silly it makes you feel.
2. Three turnips, six carrots, one medium sized red potato, three rutabagas, five parsnips, some other weird orange colored root, two white-ish onions, two of those really sweet littler onions I forget the name of (oh yeah, shallots, and make sure they are extra large), a handful of peeled cloves of garlic, a bunch of water, some salt and a whole chicken.  And some Italian parsley. and a couple celery sticks.  And some rosemary.  Boil and/or simmer for an hour and or three. At some point remove half the veggies and blend. Remove and un-bone and de-skin the bird. Repot all ingredients.
3. Those pot cookies will just get in the way if you really want to have a good time.
4. If you get the chance, and you will, and you are all alone, and you will be, and they ask you if you'd like to spend one hundred or two hundred dollars on an upgrade to a better seat or First Class, do it.  Do it.
5. Leave your pimples alone.

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