Courtesy MLusk Weather Records

I realized I'd gone up the wrong stairs as soon as I saw the overhang through the entrance.  I turned around, making a little exhausted whooping noise and headed back down, crossing under the street to the preferred side.  Turning quickly from the ticket machine the Israeli looking guy with the bulgy backpack nearly slammed into me.  We both stopped at the right moment, but once stuck on my right foot, weight heading that way in response, it was an uneasy circumstance as he began to backtrack, trying to make way himself.  Already shuffling right, propelled by bent knees, sideways, I shadowed his movement, frantic as it was to be amenable.  Him moving back on his heels, me shuffling sideways on the balls of my feet.  We stopped, again at the same moment.  I waved my left hand, touched his backpack with my right hand and slid behind him through the narrow space in front of the bank of auto-tellers, once again heading in the right direction.