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Do other people exist?  It is a fundamental question. You can get to the highest notches of philosophy and still come right back to this basic question.  And then you have to start over, looking again for whatever answer you'd like the process to arrive at. In this case, the question might give rise questions about other people's perceptions of the same event.  What makes one perception more effective than another?
Does life have a purpose? Whose purpose?  Who decides the purpose?  Is the purpose to coexist?  Is the purpose simply to survive and flourish?  Is the purpose to praise a magical being?
Where do you draw the line?  Here, or here?

What do you want for lunch? It is a fundamental question.


Handy said...

The most common human misunderstanding is to suspect a purpose. The real fundamental question is: "Do I exist?" Followed closely by "Tea or coffee?"

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Toddy said...

Indeed, there is something quaint about seeking a purpose. But having a goal isn't a bad thing.

Wifey has me drinking the iced barley tea lately. Wow!

But I still enjoy my morning espresso.

Fluffy McMostle said...

Yes, other people exist as seen through the existence of G-d.

Toddy said...

Rad article.