Courtesy of MLusk, Weather Records 

There are a number of jobs I can imagine wanting. Careers that exist out there that somehow naturally eschew consistent un-fun, time consuming work in favor of a more time-liberated, super-fun kind of work. When I think about it, my current job has moments where it gets ridiculously close, a fact I regularly choose to ignore in favor of a more ill-tempered discomfort. Safe to say, when it comes right down to it, if I could have the job description of "the guy who writes National Anthems" that would be great. It would consist of me riding my bike around, bombastically humming and clucking to myself while conjuring up aggrandizing, yet sympathetic, lyrics.

I can only really say, in the end, as coda, that consistent thinking, the inspiration to consistently think and the insistence of a consistent thought process all weigh heavy on my mind.

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