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Why do they always give you pizza that is too hot to eat?  Do they not think I'd like to eat it right away? As it is I have to sit here and dab the napkin to remove the grease.  Gotta watch the arteries.
The kid has red hair but he doesn't have the skin of a red head.  He has that sort of read hair that tops a dark haired kid's skin.  His father, maybe it's his uncle? has a pinkie ring set with a tiny diamond and a minuscule ruby. He asks his son, his nephew, for any extra money he has.  The kid carefully explains he spent it all.
Sometimes there are just too many damn people in this city.  You can't even walk down the street and fart, there are so many people in this city. You have to find a little side street and duck down it for a moment just to let one rip.  I wonder if many people get mugged that way?
Ormalu is the product of a process of adding finely ground gold in a sauce of mercury to something made of bronze.  In the heat of the oven, the mercury is pushed off, leaving the gold strikingly fastened to the bronze object.  The technique ensured a short life for the artisans as the fumes from the mercury inevitably addled their brains.
I get very tired after eating sometimes.  I hear this is normal.

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BigDan said...

the phrase 'mad as a hatter' comes from mercury too. Hat makers used a lot of mercury for some reason. Shaping and fixing the felt or something. The fumes would get them. I spoke to a painter recently who said his father was a sign painter all his life and his painting hand became deformed and palsied from the lead in the paint.
I discovered a new word today even cooler than ormalu -- Shagreen: the polished skin of a manta ray, used as a decorative covering in fine jewelry boxes and cases. Want to see a picture? Sure you do.