Courtesy MLusk at Weather Records

10 minutes to the Brooklyn courthouse at $12 in a car service.
Approximately 20 minutes to get out of jury duty with stay-at-home-mom status.
One wrong bus taken home: $2.50.
One right bus: $2.50 and a 50 minute ride back.
There is an cover article in a recent issue of New York magazine titled I Love My Children.  I Hate My Life. about the difficulties experienced by those who expect rearing a child to add to their happiness.


BigDan said...

Toddy, I thought my favorite thing was making the OKOH blog, but now there's a new favorite: when the OKOH blog talks about the exact same shit that I've recently been talking about. Did you read that pathetically titled article? I couldn't stop laughing to read. I sent the cover line to a friend in Kentucky declaring it the official nadir of culture/apex of obnoxiousness in Namhattan. I think he agreed, but also agreed that he's still broke in Kentucky, and they don't have buses there. Boy oh Boy. Love is like oxygen.

Anonymous said...

That is the single best comment Ok Oh has recorded.

That I can remember.

Anonymous said...

Wifey is very cross that I used her "bus riding story" without attributing the content to her text message.
She does indeed take care of our shared child when I am not around, when he is not at school or camp, or when she is not surfing the internet gossip sites.
I feel very confident that in a few years, when our shared child is older and more self-reliant, she will be able to partake in the citizen's duty of being jurist.