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The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill : The Ok Oh Take

Saturday afternoon had the sort of heat that precedes a Sunday afternoon that's even hotter.  On Sunday morning I walked the streets of Greenpoint without a shirt on, so Saturday night, in the lazy confines of my own apartment, I didn't have a shirt on.  Neither did my son.  The bell rang while I flipped through a Slim Aarons coffee table book, like I said, not wearing a shirt.  My hair was in a messy bun perhaps higher on my head than usual and I was wearing my Official Handsome Spanky Summer Boating Shorts.  Upon first viewing as he climbed the last flight of stairs, Big Dan exclaimed, "you look like an old Japanese man."

"We are living in the last days of this Earth.  We are living in a world that is under the power of Satan.  The Son is about to shine on your life.  In the name of Jesus I fight for you.  When God saves your soul you become a member of the Kingdom of Heaven."  She swoops her hands around in circles to make space.  Her eyes wide, white teeth, white eyes.  She wears a silver puffy jacket to warm her in the air conditioned the subway car. "Judgment is coming.  The end of the world is near. This world is reserved for fire.  There is gasoline pouring out of the water.  You see, the word of God is a two-headed sword."

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