Last year we were asked to receive footage shot by directors from all over the world and edit whatever we could out of it. The catch was the footage was basically blind: we would get a drive in the mail and start in on whatever footage we found there, crafting a video portrait/ mini documentary without any direction or consultation. Essentially left to our own devices to edit what we felt was make-able from the anywhere from four to eight hours of media apiece. The varying degrees of quality from these ghost shooters was interesting to experience. Sometimes you'd get something that just felt tight and realized and sometimes you'd get something that simply, well, didn't. There were three or four of us, working on these things, looking over each others shoulder, raving about the quality or ranting about the lack thereof, worrying that the next guy would get better footage, do a better cut, getting excited when they actually got better footage and made a more interesting cut. It was a neat time. Here is my very favorite, if only because I liked these characters so very much. These are funny guys.

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