Some very recent work for Converse and Footlocker.  There is an increasing reliance on "guerilla" style production in the advertising world. It has to do with higher production value being associated with lower cost technology and the ever-expanding "ease" of the digital work flow.  It is an exciting time to be part of the transition, with all the digital SLRs and Red and Phantom stuff that necessitates a steady post-production hand to make sense of it all.  But there are pitfalls, hiccups and some very real misconceptions about just how "easy" it has become.   But when it is done right, it is very fun.  The talented director Laurent Briet shot this in Milan and helped navigate all the normal bureaucratic mushiness nominaly referred to as the "advertising process" from his perch outside Paris.  The energy he captured is very real and after listening to this track a thousand times I think I might have found a house-style dance track I really, honestly enjoy.

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