Idgeon Pigeon Paint Pipe


kelvin freely said...

people always talk about how gross pigeons are. But they are great parents. Tell me the last time you saw a pigeon chick. They keep them hidden and safe . . . even in the most populous of areas. yay pigeons, keep cleaning out streets!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you're comparing them to the Roma, about whom anyone who knows anything about the Roma would insist that they are actually quite compulsive about cleanliness despite their unfortunate cultural stereotype. But alas you are wrong. One never sees a pigeon chick simply because they hatch fully grown.

kelvin freely said...

Only tadpoles hatch fully grown. and they hate themselves. So I wouldn't go betting all your loot on it. But if we are going to talk avian - then we should at least include this recent nat geo picture of a cooper's hawk--truly amazing shot.